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Email marketing - Create and send your newsletters

Email Templates

Free and editable email templates. Just fill in the fields with the content you want and schedule the trigger.

Full Reports

Track who received, opened, and clicked on your messages by identifying clicks on each link and allowing them to target according to your recipient's interaction with the message.

Many other features

API Integration, Unlimited Submissions per Day, Full Dashboard, Manage Registered Emails, Export / Import Emails, Emails by Group, WYSIWYG HTML Editor, Bounced Emails, Schedule Delivery and more

Why send email marketing?

Why send email marketing?

Email marketing is the best alternative to communicate with your customers through targeted campaigns. Email Marketing is a complete tool for managing email campaigns. It makes it much easier to leverage your sales, build customer loyalty and keep your web participation active.

1. Low cost - With little primary investment you can reach a number of people that traditional tools would never be able to.

2. Agility - The speed with which email marketing campaigns happen impresses. Agility is not only about firing and delivering to users, who take the time of a click, but also on return. By sending personalized emails with content that interests the user, in seconds you will have gained another Internet user who will be browsing your site and being able to know all its services.

3. Measurability - By sending your emails through specialized tools, you will be able to measure the effectiveness of your campaigns by interpreting statistics that measure various information such as how many people received your emails, how many of them visited your site using the link exposed in the message and measuring which was your sales click conversion rate.

4. Interactivity - With email marketing you open a channel of communication and relationship with users, allowing them to choose whether or not to receive your messages and to communicate directly with you.

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